Nuclear Leadership Simulation Training


Thursday March 30, a full-day session of the World-unique nuclear business simulation Fermi is organized as alternative to the technical tours. INBEx sponsors the summit by offering this event with a significant reduction; the participation price is 100 USD (normal price 500 USD). Maximum 30 participants, first-come-first-serve principle.

Background and purpose:

INBEx (Institute for Nuclear Business Excellence) has developed the nuclear business simulation Fermi to train decision-making and to improve communication across disciplines decision-makers in the nuclear industry.


Instead of traditional presentation-based training, Fermi is centered around simulation of real-life challenges. In Fermi, the participants try out what it is like to be the CEO of a nuclear power plant. The team defines a business strategy, takes strategic decisions (upgrade or keep in present condition?), plan regular work like outages, perform improvement projects, and last, but not least, handle a variety of unexpected events.

Target participants:

This simulation was originally developed as part of the leadership program of a utility. Today, it is used all over the industry, including supply chain companies and regulators. It has been used with excellent client satisfaction for executives as well as younger potentials.

Learning experience.

Participants from all over the nuclear power sector testify that their understanding of the complex reality has improved significantly. They take better decisions afterwards and communicate better across organization. Participants from companies in the supply chain commonly express that their communication with their client has been taken to a higher level.

More information:
INBEx CEO Jan Blomgren
+46 76 7878336

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